Thursday, March 10, 2005

Beenie Man and LKJ

Beenie Man
Kingston to King of the Dancehall: A Collection of Dancehall Favorites
Since the Jamaican music industry is completely single-driven and artists are bloody prolific, rockist demands for solid, consistent albums are rarely, if ever, fulfilled. But when you've got a guy like Beenie Man with 50-plus number one hits, a compilation is going to kill. Kingston to King is a series of these top-ranking tunes (plus a DVD with a featurette and a bunch of videos), presenting Beenie Man's uncanny ability to spit out lines that get stuck in your head ("zim zimma," anyone?). With all the controversy surrounding Beenie's homophobic lyrics, it's good - and heartening - to remember that the most popular tracks are all good fun. 8/10

Linton Kwesi Johnson
Live in Paris with the Dennis Bovell Dub Band
LKJ's dub poetry is brilliant and bloody prescient - "music blazing sounding thumping fire" indeed. 9/10


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