Thursday, March 24, 2005

Natty King and Jahranimo

Natty King
No Guns to Town
Listening to Natty King, it's not surprising that he cut his teeth singing Luciano tunes. Like Luci, he's committed to positivity and has a terrific voice. But Natty King is a bonafide singing sensation himself, with two huge number one hits, the reality tune "No Guns to Town" and the capitalist-questioning "Mr. Greedy." No Guns to Town features the big tunes (plus bonus videos for both hits), link-ups with Sizzla, Chinna Smith and Trinity, as well as the lovely romantic track "Love Me." The umpteenth reason why folks should take a listen to new, conscious reggae. 9/10

Jahranimo Real Life (Lightning Ball)
Someone needs to tell Vancouver-based Jahranimo that he doesn't need hip hop in his reggae - especially since he's otherwise quite nice. 7/10


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